1What is Karmatic?
We imagine a world more connected through license plates. Now for the first time ever, drivers can connect with each other on the road. Simply type in the license plate of the car and get connected like never before. Send anonymous audio messages, rate drivers, and connect with the love of your life. No longer let them get away again.
2How much is your app?
3Where does the name come from?
Came from a group of individuals who came together to think of the best possible name for an app that can connect cars… Karmatic
4How did the idea come about?
Our founder, Scott Popescu, was driving home from a long day of work when he was cut off multiple times. Not only did this happen but he also saw a cute girl driving who turned left and he never saw her again. It was after that the idea sparked. With tech on the rise, there needs to be an app that can connect drivers on the road. And this is how Karmatic was born.
5What other services are you compatible with?
Currently we are available on the Apple app store. Users can add their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to their profiles so other users can connect with them on those social networks as well. Android version coming shortly.
6I have a technical problem or support issue I need resolved, who do I email?
I have a technical problem or support issue I need resolved, who do I email? The best way to get in touch with us is to visit our support center
7Does privacy work?
How Privacy is our upmost concern at Karmatic. ALL profiles are private until the users accept a friend request from the other user. Audio messages are also sent anonymously so the other driver will never be able to know who is sending them.
8Who can see my account?
Only friends that you have sent friend requests too and those that you have accepted.
9When are you going to make the app for Android?
We are currently working on making the Android experiences as solid as possible. Only then will we consider other platforms, but currently we have nothing to announce.
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